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Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team

Description of Team

The hyperloop is a new type of transportation that takes a pod (which is a vehicle where people or cargo would be put in), that goes around a tube that has most of its air removed from it in advance. The air is removed from the tube because there is less resistance for the pod to move through it. The Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team (QHDT) looks to further this technology by competing in a hyperloop design competition held every year by SpaceX (an example of our 3D modelling is shown to the right). The team is also building a 1:50 scale physical prototype (a picture of our tube is to the right).

3D simulation of the team’s pod

physical prototype’s tube

Educational Components

The QHDT teaches students how to model with computer assisted drawings. They spend a lot of time learning how to model the hyperloop, and work with various practical engineering problems. Additionally, the QHDT is building a physical prototype, which is a unique, hands-on approach for students to learn as they build with this project. Finally, the QHDT is supported by students who market, publish content about the team, and raise funds as well. All of these supporting functions teach students business skills which can be applied when they graduate.