“Just 3 Years Away”

Written by Amy Lewyckyj Despite the deadline for the first working hyperloop with human passengers being pushed back another year according to Virgin Hyperloop One, Richard Branson (chairman of the Virgin Group) still believes the hyperloop is “just three years away.” Many people are following the dream including Branson, but the hopes of having a [...]

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A Historic Agreement for the Hyperloop in India

On February 18, 2018, Richard Branson from Virgin Hyperloop One announced exciting news regarding the future of the hyperloop in India with a historic agreement; the Indian State of Maharashtra has shown intent to build a hyperloop track between Pune and Mumbai, beginning with an operational demonstration track. With over 130,000 vehicles traveling the 2-3 [...]

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The Hyperloop is Over 30% of the Way There!

This past December, Virgin Hyperloop One broke the hyperloop world speed record previously held by Elon Musk’s SpaceX competition with a run of 240 mph (387 km/h); this is over 30% of the proposed 700 mph from Elon Musk’s white papers back in 2013. Moreover, this new record is a significant increase from Hyperloop One’s [...]

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The Hyperloop Dream Extends to India

During this summer, a student run team from India named Hyperloop India designed the Hyperloop prototype OrcaPod for the SpaceX competition. Later into the year, a team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers from Bangalore built, tested, and shipped the OrcaPod to California for the final leg of the competition. The team didn’t manage to win, [...]

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Expectations vs. Reality: Counteracting Blind Fate

In recent months, the Hyperloop has made many significant strides in becoming a reality from its initial conceptual designs on Elon Musk’s white papers released 4 years ago. Putting the Hyperloop’s timeline in another perspective, Virgin Hyperloop One on February 2015 announced a funding of $8.5 million; the company currently has $245 million in funding [...]

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Confidence in the Hyperloop Grows

On October 12, 2017, billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, announced that he invested into Hyperloop One which in his words is “the world’s most revolutionary train service.” Following this investment, Hyperloop One was rebranded to Virgin Hyperloop One and formally cemented another influential philanthropist’s confidence on the success of the Hyperloop alongside [...]

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The Great Canadian Loop

A five-hour trip by car from Toronto to Montreal could soon be cut to 39 minutes! Announced on September 14th, the Toronto-Montreal route was named one of ten winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, a contest to identify the strongest candidates for a hyperloop system. Organized by Hypercan, the Canadian arm of U.S. engineering [...]

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Team Update – March 25th 2017

Design Update Last week the design team presented to representatives from SpaceX for their final design submission. They briefly went over the final design, which included the shape of the pod, and an ANSYS program (image to the right) which simulated air going through and around the pod. Prototype [...]

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Team Update – March 10th 2017

PrototypeBuilding a TubeThe Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team (QHDT) is building a 1:25 scale model of the Hyperloop. This prototype will be a complete system, meaning a pod will go through a closed tube that has all of the air sucked out of it. It will go really fast (over 70 km/hr) and will not use [...]

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