The Great Canadian Loop

A five-hour trip by car from Toronto to Montreal could soon be cut to 39 minutes! Announced on September 14th, the Toronto-Montreal route was named one of ten winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, a contest to identify the strongest candidates for a hyperloop system. Organized by Hypercan, the Canadian arm of U.S. engineering [...]

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Team Update – March 25th 2017

Design Update Last week the design team presented to representatives from SpaceX for their final design submission. They briefly went over the final design, which included the shape of the pod, and an ANSYS program (image to the right) which simulated air going through and around the pod. Prototype [...]

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Team Update – March 10th 2017

PrototypeBuilding a TubeThe Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team (QHDT) is building a 1:25 scale model of the Hyperloop. This prototype will be a complete system, meaning a pod will go through a closed tube that has all of the air sucked out of it. It will go really fast (over 70 km/hr) and will not use [...]

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