In the Spotlight: Celebrating Successes for the Braking Subteam

The Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team is composed of different sub-teams to manage each subsystem component. Each subsystem is integral to the successful functioning of the hyperloop pod with which the team aims to use to compete in the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

This feature will spotlight the members of the team dedicated to the braking component of the pod design. The braking design uses a spring-applied pneumatic-release system with dual air tanks. The dual air tanks allow seamless operation to continue in the event that one tank fails. This year’s design has been improved to be 30% lighter compared to last year’s.

The braking team has been working hard to make sure that the design meets all requirements and is the best it can be. As a result of their hard work, the braking subsystem has been sponsored by W.C. Branham! In other exciting news, members have met with Cowper Inc, an automation company in Kingston, and have been able to figure out the pneumatic components of the design.

Look out for more updates to come as the various subsystems celebrate successes with their work!

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