Team Update – March 10th 2017


Building a Tube

The Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team (QHDT) is building a 1:25 scale model of the Hyperloop. This prototype will be a complete system, meaning a pod will go through a closed tube that has all of the air sucked out of it. It will go really fast (over 70 km/hr) and will not use very much energy to move.

The prototype team worked hard this past month and was able to build a complete track. This track is built entirely out of PVC pipe (as shown in the picture to the right). PVC is a plastic pipe that is normally used for plumbing, but the team is using it to build a tube that the pod can go through.

Building a Prototype Pod

The prototype is currently being built by a 3D printer. It prints the shape of the pod, and it has been reprinted several times. Below is a video of one of the pods being printed.

3D printer running some tests for the outer pod #progress #hyperloop #innovation #queenshyperloop

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This week was quite eventful for the sponsorship team with attracting new sponsors as well as bringing a significant Queen’s Alumni on board. As of now, the Queen’s Hyperloop Team has Magna International (Platinum Sponsor) and EPAM systems (Title Sponsor) as sponsors. These strategic partners not only contribute money towards the team, but also provide mentoring and advice to the team to help advance our design submission for SpaceX. On Thursday March 9th, we were able to close a deal with one of the co-founders of EPAM systems who has proved itself to be a highly valuable asset to the team.

Kirk Robinson (Co-founder of EPAM systems) has been able to connect our team with other prominent Engineers and business leaders. On thursday March 9th, Kirk visited SparQ labs to meet the team and get more familiar with our project. He was able to shed valuable advice on team dynamics, motivation and collaboration during our meeting.

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