Team Update – March 25th 2017

Design Update

Last week the design team presented to representatives from SpaceX for their final design submission. They briefly went over the final design, which included the shape of the pod, and an ANSYS program (image to the right) which simulated air going through and around the pod.

Prototype Update

Over the last two weeks, the prototype team has been hard at work ensuring the hyperloop prototype is ready for our April 7th unveiling! The challenge over the past two weeks for the team has been attempting to get the hyperloop track bent to ensure that the pod can travel seamlessly through the track. Check out the video below!

Check out our pod in action ! Great progress by our technical teams ! #qhdt #progress #hyperloop #pod

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The prototype team had to travel to Montreal to get the pipe bent to the proper specifications.

Here is Andy from our prototype getting ready for the trip to Montreal!

As we approach the prototype unveiling, the team has continually had to refine and print new pods to test on our track. Check out the latest print of our pod here:

As can be seen here, the frame of the pod (In red) is 3-D printed and designed to achieve maximum possible speed. The pod itself is propelled forward using a fan (located at the front) which pushes air backwards through it. Lastly, the ball bearings (white circles) press up against the side of the tube which roll when the pod is accelerating to reduce friction which allows for greater speed.

Industry Update

As for recent industry updates, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has recently announced their unveiling for a full-scale commercialized hyperloop pod sometime in early 2018. This is really exciting news for the development of hyperloop projects! The specifications for the pod are below:

  • Length: 30 meters (98.5 feet)
  • Diameter: 2.7 meters (9 feet)
  • Weight: 20 tons
  • Passenger capacity: 28-40
  • Speed: Up to 1223 km/h (760 mph)

This news comes after Hyperloop One’s recent announcement of US lobbyists for Hyperloop technologies. The purpose of hiring lobbyists is to educate government officials about innovations within the transportation sector. While Hyperloop One does not have a full-scale pod yet, they do have a test track which can be used to continually refine and develop their prototype.

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